JT Racing USA Classic Women’s Vented Pants

Price: $169.00

JT Racing USA Classic Women's Vented Pants

The most advanced MX pant ever offered; breathable, comfortable, durable and technological

Motocross pants lead hellish lives. They’ve gotta do it all: Protect against engine heat and abrasion. Cushion crashes. Fit well and be comfortable. Flow enough air to keep riders cool. Be durable enough to hold up moto after moto, wash after wash. And most of all, look great doing it. Our new Classick pant–named thusly because test riders keep coming to the pits saying, “Hey, this pant is sick!”-does all this and more, reflecting the year’s worth of intense R&D that went into its design. Our Classic is arguably the most advanced motocross pant ever designed, and we’re not shy about the claim. Once you realize the insane level of technology and savvy design that’s jam-packed into this pant, we’re confident you’ll agree. This is the ultimate in lower-body protection and performance, a pant that offers the highest levels of protection, comfort and durability. This is a 2012 Model. Take a look…


  • Straight-leg Fit: MX riders stand most of the time (or should), so the Classick is cut to reflect that. The result is more comfort and better fit

ALS Technology:

  • Air Line System (ALS) Air Intake: JT Racing’s Air Line System (ALS) air intake vents are positioned mid-thigh (so they’re not blocked by knee braces) and feature a venturi effect for positive cooling when in motion while stopped. The all-new Classic motocross pant utilizes JT Racing’s Air Line System to the fullest, incorporating dual mid-thigh air intakes that flow air in two directions-in and out


  • Articulated 360 Degree Knee Design: Multi-directional flex, 1680 Denier ballistics construction for durability and maximum abrasion protection, hand-formed and hand-cut padding, and plenty of room for a knee brace add up to the trickest pant knee in all of motocross

Waist Support:

  • High-back Waist: Benefits inside a more secure fit at the most, improved jersey retention, adjustable lower-back support and low-spine impact protection thanks to a 10mm-thick pad


  • Cinch-strap Adjustable Waist Closure: For a perfect fit every time or additional low-back support via the High-Back design, just grab the hook-and-loop secured strap on each side of the waist and tighten to taste


  • Ultra-strong Nylon Thread: The Classic pant is constructed using a strong yet very light Nylon thread, which ensures extreme durability and light weight

Pant Support:

  • Kodra 600-denier Inner-leg Fabric: A rider’s butt and inner thighs are prone to severe abrasion and wear while riding. Our use of super-strong Kodra material here makes this a non-issue


  • Spandex Stretch Panels: Stretchy, JT-logoed stretch panels run down the outside of each leg and in strategic butt areas for optimum flexibility and a secure fit


  • Vinyl Thigh and Butt Logos: Vinyl is old school, but it remains a perfect logo material–and much better than heavy molded rubber. Vinyl is flexible, durable and very, very light, which makes our pants as light as possible


  • Full-length Liner: The liner of many MX pants runs only from waist to knee. Not ours. Our soft and moisture-wicking mesh liner runs from waist to ankle, and is stitched-secured in key areas so it stays put whether you’re riding or pulling ’em off after a hot moto

Price: $169.00
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