Product Review: The Virus Stay Cool Short Sleeve V-neck Compression Shirt

When it comes to action sports, Virus understands very well how demanding it can be to the athlete’s body. With the motto of just like any hard-core sports enthusiast who does what he does because it’s simply in his blood to do so, Virus uses both science and performance, to create compression shirts that gives athletes optimum comfort and body support. An example of which is the Virus Stay Cool short sleeve V-neck which aims to combat core fatigue, and add support to back muscles.

The Virus Stay Cool short sleeve V-neck is highly recommendable for motocross riders as it will help them maintain a good posture while they are driving their bikes. Riders can focus better on their endurance and balance as the compression shirt has an Action X Form back reinforcement that supports the back muscles and keeps one’s posture at its best.

Virus Co11x Stay Cool Compression V-Neck Men’s Short-Sleeve T-Shirt sells for $63.00

The Virus Stay Cool short sleeve V-neck is worn under the jersey but riders don’t have to worry about feeling hot because the Virus Stay Cool short sleeve V-neck is infused with Jade cooling system that reduces skin surface temperature and keeps the body’s core cool. Other special features are added such as Quick Dry, Anti Odor, UV Shield and Four-Way Stretch Technology for ultimate protection and performance.

The moment the Virus Stay Cool short sleeve V-neck is worn, any rider can surely feel that it is one of the best action sports clothing ever made. A shirt made with science-driven technology and coupled premium functionality will surely give back more than what anyone is paying for.

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