Product Update: Presenting the New Lil Wayne Vice Pack

Here are three different SUPRA silhouettes drowning in colorful depictions of some inspiring indulgences.

“You gotta pick your vice,” Lil Wayne said, “you got candies, trees, or drank. We got the Vaiders in candy, candy all in the inside—I call ‘em sugar rush. And then we got the Stevie Williams edition with the trees—self-explanatory, you already know what that is. And then we got the Skytop IIIs from the Muska with the drank, you know what I mean? As you can see we got a detail with a drank on the side, ice cubes and all that. But like I said, pick your vice, man: candy, trees, or drank. Yagada.”

Vaider Lite “Candy Paint” : red nylon, nylon with sublimated candy image, purple and yellow accents, padded nylon lining with sublimated candy image, yellow SUPRAFOAM sole with green, red, and purple traction pods.
S1W “Tree Camo” : nylon with sublimated tree image, black and orange accents, padded black mesh lining, orange cup sole, and translucent traction pods with tree image beneath.
Skytop III “White Cup” : styrofoam-white Satin TUF, purple TPR cage and heel pull with image of drank and ice cubes, padded nylon lining with sublimated drank image, white SUPRAFOAM midsole, and translucent purple outsole with drank image beneath.