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6D Motorcycle Helmets – Information and Technology

We didn’t just improve the helmet, we reinvented it.

Suspension for your head. That is what the revolutionary technology embedded into the interior of all 6D™ helmets is all about; improving safety. This technology, referred to as ‘Omni-Directioal Suspension™’ (ODS™), performs in a superior manner to any other current motorcycle helmet technology when called into action. Independent 3rd party research data to support this claim is readily accessible on our web site and we encourage you to take the time necessary to educate yourself regarding this information. Visit 6Dhelmets.com

The 6D ATR-1 off-road competition helmet is the most technologically advanced motorcycle helmet in the world today. It provides a much broader range of energy management capabilities than traditional helmet designs. ‘ODS’ helps to mitigate critical angular acceleration while simultaneously reducing energy transfer to the brain during an accident. The improved performance of 6D’s exclusive ‘ODS’ technology can reduce the likelihood of sustaining injury or concussion when compared to a traditional helmet. Although no helmet can protect you from all potential impacts or injury, the 6D ATR-1 is a huge step in the right direction.

ODS™ (Omni-Directional Suspension™)

6D’s revolutionary patent pending ODS (Omni-Directional Suspension) embodies a fully active, in-helmet suspension and kinetic energy management system. The mechanics, engineering, materials, and manufacturing are very complicated, but actually, the concept is quite simple. Working with leading research and development experts in the area of motorcycle helmet safety, design, and advanced product testing, our goal was simple; design a better performing off-road motorcycle helmet.

We applied forward-thinking engineering concepts to the problem and started building prototype helmets for testing. Positive test data resulted in a ‘proof of concept’ design which was taken into beta testing for further evaluation and development. ODS, which incorporates a multi-layered suspension system within the helmet’s interior was invented and placed into a development program for production. 6D Helmets was born.

6D’s innovative ODS system improves impact force management within the helmet’s interior environment. 6D’s ODS technology is designed to protect your head over a broader range of energy demands; especially angular acceleration from low and high velocity impacts, and low-threshold energy from the most common types of off-road accidents. In independent laboratory testing, ODS has shown to significantly reduce energy transfer to the head form.

The 6D ATR-1 is certified to exceed the U.S. DOT FMVSS218, the ECE 22.05, and the AS 1698 safety standards. The ECE 22.05 standard is the most recognized international helmet standard, required in over 50 countries worldwide.

Angular Acceleration

Experiments conducted by David C. Viano, PhD. M.D. and the Bioengineering Center at Wayne State University confirmed that a helmeted head sustained the same degree of angular acceleration as the un-helmeted head when subjected to identical impacts. So, if angular acceleration is the major cause of brain injury, then how is the brain protected by traditional helmet technology? Unfortunately, in the aspect of angular acceleration, it is not.

6D Helmet Angular Acceleration Technology

The focal point of traditional helmet design has always been directed at providing protection against linear impact energy test compliance. Helmets are tested to standards by dropping them in a vertical plane on very complex test equipment in a controlled environment.

One of our goals at 6D was to reduce angular acceleration energy transfer, thereby reducing the potential of a rotational brain injury. ‘ODS’ achieved this goal. The 6D ATR-1 off-road helmet reduced resultant angular acceleration compared to traditional helmet designs by as much as 81% during independent 3rd party testing.

Low-Threshold Energy (low-velocity impacts)

Medical research has provided alarming conclusions surrounding the causes, severity, and long-term effects of concussions. We now know that even seemingly minor concussions (“I’m fine, I just rang my bell”) may have much more serious effects on the long-term health and well being of one’s brain. It is well documented that concussions occur from impacts in the range of 60 G’s in the adult male and may be location dependent. This value is even less in women and children.


6D Helmet Low Velocity Threshold Technology
A 4m/sec impact is equivalent to roughly 120 G’s being transferred to the brain in most current model Snell and ECE approved off-road helmets. That’s 100% more than the energy necessary to sustain a concussion in an adult male! What makes this even worse is the fact that current helmet testing standard’s only require impact testing at high- velocities above 6 meters per second. These are extremely high velocity strikes.

Time – Acceleration Attenuation

Deceleration (time) is your friend during any impact. The longer you can stretch out the event, the less severe the energy transfer will become.

6D Off Road Helmet Acceleration Force/Time Technology
The mechanics of 6D’s ODS technology buys you time and reduces energy transfer. This results in less likelihood of injury or concussion.Graphs depict acceleration to 70 G’s over time, comparing an individual Snell and DOT approved helmet to the 6D ATR-1. Note the significant increase in time to reach the 70 G acceleration figure with the 6D helmet. Again,time is your friend.

Air Gap

Due to the ODS split-liner system, the 6D ATR-1 flows more air throughout the helmet’s interior than any other competitive helmet. This provides a safer environment for the rider in extreme riding conditions. 13 interior transfer ports vent heat and moisture directly into the air gap for rapid removal to the atmosphere. 8 intakes and 5 exhaust ports strategically designed into the helmet manage the overall system.

6D™ ATR-1 Features

  • ODS (Omni-Directional Suspension) Technology
  • Shell – Tri-composite aerospace carbon fiber, fiberglass and Kevlar®
  • Delta Vent – Increases air flow and aids heat transfer
  • Sternum Pad – Provides added protection
  • Comfort Liner – Genuine CoolMax® anti-bacterial fabric. Easily removable and washable
  • Emergency Release Cheek Pads
  • Shear-away Visor Screws – Improves safety

  • Fully compatible with all neck braces
  • Interior Air Gap improves cooling
  • Clavicle Cut-Away
  • Titanium ‘D’ rings and chin strap rivets
  • Exceeds ECE and DOT standards
  • Weight: +/- 1,525 grams
  • 3-year limited warranty


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