Motorhelmets Product Ad (April 2016) : AGV Gran Premio Pista GP Helmet

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AGV Gran Premio Pista GP Helmet
The AGV Pista GP sets performance standards with its wide field of vision, low weight and compact dimensions, extensive ventilation, exclusive ergonomic design and class-leading aerodynamics.

Development of the AGV Pista began by taking measurements of riders’ heads with a digital scanner. These measurements were then used to design the helmet from the “inside out”. It is based on the “Human Engineering” concept and applies to a new design process which starts from the components that are in direct contact with the head and gradually progresses to the outer shell. As a result, the structural shapes imitate the area of contact thus providing greater safety and smaller dimensions. AGV EXTREME STANDARDS HELMETS use FEM (Finite Elements Analysis) to set new standards in safety, comfort and ergonomics. In addition to new levels of safety, the AGV Pista GP sets new standards in environmental protection with the raw materials and new technologies used in production having a focus on low environmental impact.

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