Aprilia Falco Fighter

Aprilia Falco Fighter Motorcycle, Beauty Behind the Beast

Aprilia Falco Fighter Motorcycle, Beauty Behind the BeastThe female form is undisputedly the a celebrated work of art the world over; those agile curves, that full blossom, those birthing hips and soft and fleshy landscapes of skin under the sheets. But you have to admit there’s something more unabashedly alluring in that fine granite figure, something seductive in that mien of strength, enough to convince you that maybe soft and feminine isn’t the only way to go.

Just like the Aprilia Falco Fighter Motorcycle, a distinguishing beauty with a very unstoppable force. An original and exclusive look that is aerodynamically integrated with the front triple optical assembly gives the bike an even more personality and is an important active safety element. The aluminum frame design matching with a black coloring and swing arm that brings the splendor of this longitudinal Rotax-built 60-degree V-Twin engine and Brembo brakes, along with 43mm Showa male-slider front forks. The strength within that straight power from about 3,500 rpm then thrust builds nicely in linear fashion right up to around 10 grand. Multi port fuel injection with 51mm throttles and twin sparkplugs per cylinder which give this well-formed bike a smooth, clean throttle response accompanied by a really intoxicating intake growl.

The Aprilia Falco Fighter Motorcycle is a one-liter; four-stroke-engine equipped with a racing kit consisting of extra chrome parts that make it look meaner and a racing chip that increases its standard horsepower from 118 to 130. Scientifically computer designed with guaranteed exceptional visibility. The bike that soars like an eagle swoops like a hawk and a nasty but stunning looks of a falcon.

by Marty Rodriguez / Staff Writer