Fascination with the Motorcycle

The Fascination with the Motorcycle

If you ask any motorcycle rider what word they would pick to describe their bike, the majority would likely say “fun”. The first time you hop on a bike and take it out on the open road will probably be a day you will never forget. Accelerating from stop to cruising speed can be a thrill all in its own. As you get more familiar with your bike, you are able to maneuver closer to your limits and safely get a thrill known only to motorcycle enthusiast.

It does not matter if you are driving a huge touring bike or the latest sport bike; the simple act of riding is what draws motorcycle riders out for cruises day in and day out. Once you are on that bike, there is nothing else on your mind, not your boss nagging you at work or the kids screaming at the top of their lungs. Since your bike requires your undivided attention, there is no room for such worries.

The Beauty of a Bike

While most bike riders are fascinated by riding their bikes, most of them love the look of their bike over riding it. The look of our first motorcycle is imbedded in our mind, as is our first kiss. Nothing will ever make you forget what it looked like. Whether is was a vintage Harley or a newer model Gixxer, the way your bike looks not only represents the bike but the rider as well.

The design of the most popular motorcycles has not changed since the 1950’s. Let us take for instance the Harley Davidson motorcycles. In the history of bikes, no other bike has come close to the popularity of not only the name but also the look as Harley Davidson has. Some of the most beautiful bikes come with nothing more than an engine, wheels and a gas tank. Harley’s represent to most motorcyclist and non-motorcyclist what a bike should look like.

Motorcycles as Pop Culture

Motorcycles have always had a strong influence on pop culture and vice versa. Because the simple act of riding a bike is a high profile activity, many people use it as a way to stand out above the rest of the car confined public. Since the 1930’s when Charlie Chaplain appeared in one of his movies straddling a motorcycle, the world has been in love with the two-wheeled beast. As time went along the outlaw biker mentality started slowly taking over what people thought bikers were all about. Early films like “Wild One” with Marlon Brando and other outlaw biker movies starting molded what the typical biker guy should look like.

Now respectable hard working individuals are coming out of the woodworks and claiming to be bikers. People like Jay Leno, Courtney Cox, and Arnold Schwarzenegger have been seen straddling their favorite bikes. Nowadays bikers come in all shapes and sizes. From toddlers on their 50cc off-road bikes to retired couples cruising up the coast on their large cruiser bikes, there is a bike out there for everyone.

Bikes are Convenient

The fact that you can get a bike that will last you a good amount of years without any problems for under $3000.00 US Dollars is a huge reason why bikes have become a very economical way of traveling from place to place. Try finding a car for that same amount that can provide you with the same peace of mind. Driving a motorcycle can also be a great advantage in highly congested cities where there is a traffic jam on every freeway. Also with motorcycles, you never have to worry about trying to find a parking spot since they only require a fraction of the space.

One of the most important reasons why people seem to love their motorcycles more than their cars nowadays is fuel gas mileage. With rising gas prices, it is difficult to stay in a constant budget for gas. Since bikes require less gas, that alone will be a great break for your wallet. No more spending 100 dollars to fill up your gas tank, a smaller motorcycle is capable of getting around 60 miles to the gallon. For either cruising or taking the s-curves in the mountains, motorcycles have become part of our culture and are not showing a sign of fading anytime soon.

Ride Safe!

-Team Motorhelmets