Finding Your Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts For Your Motorcycle Helmet

Here we will give a quick breakdown of the most common motorcycle helmet replacement parts. As most motorcycle helmets are built with similar components, we hope that this guide will help you find the item you are looking for.

Clear Face Shields – They are one of the most obvious parts of the helmet. Its the window of plastic that you look through in a clear form.

Smoke Face Shield – Same as above but now in a light tinted version.

Dark Smoke Face Shield – Darkest possible shield you can get.

Mirror/Resolution Face Shield – Face shield with a mirror look to it from the outside. Small amount of tint when looking through it. These also come in several colors, same effect though.

High-Resolution Shields – These shields are the amber colored shields that help you see objects better during the day.

Shield w/ Tear-Off Post – These shields have two studs sticking off of each side. They are used in conjunction with tear-off film. You place the film on the shield by installing it on the post and once you have collected enough dirt and dust, you just replace it with another.

Shield Holder Set/Side Covers – This piece of plastic is the cover that is placed over the shield on each side that matches the color or graphics of the helmet. Not all helmet have these shield covers. Arai and KBC are a few brands that have shield covers on their helmets. These come in solid colors or graphics so be sure to pick the one that matches your helmet.

Baseplate/Sideplate Kit – A baseplate kit is the usually black colored piece of plastic that is located under the shield cover. This part is screwed on to the helmet itself and is used to hold the shield. The part that you are attaching the shield to is the baseplate kit.

Screw Set – These are the screws that are used to attach the baseplate kit to the helmet itself. If you are replacing a broken baseplate kit but still have your original screws, you will not need another pair unless you wish to have it for future use.

Cheekpads – These are the soft inserts on a helmet that are brushing up against your cheeks. On most helmets they are replaceable incase of early wear. You may also move up and down on size if the current fit of the helmet is good but the cheeks are too tight.

Interior Comfort Pad/Liner – On most high-end helmets, you are able to remove the upper/rear liner from inside the helmet. The liner is all of the soft material on the inside of the helmet that is not the cheekpads.

Anti-Mist Spacer – Located under the shield on the inside of the helmet. Its function is to help stop the shield from fogging up.

Chin Curtain – Some helmets come with this item and some do not. This is placed on the helmet through the bottom near your chin. This helps stop the air from getting up in the helmet.

Breath Box – Used mostly for snow applications, some helmets come with a smaller version of this. A breath box is used to cover up your nose and stop you from breathing on your shield, hence not fogging it up.

Lock Lever/Peset Lever Kit – Black piece of plastic that is connected to the baseplate kit on one side. Does not come with the baseplate kit. It is used to stop the shield from moving when in a closed position.

IC Duct – Front top intake vents located on each side of the helmet.

DDL Duct – Rear top exhaust vents located on the back of the helmet.