Fly Racing Convertible II Adult Roost Deflector

Price: $99.95 – $119.95 $89.96 – $107.96 and Includes Free Ground Freight
You Save at Least: $9.99 (10%)

Fly Racing Convertible II Adult Roost Deflector

With everyone using larger neck braces these days you need a convenient chest protector that fits over your brace quickly. We’ve developed our “Quick Release” ststem to solve this problem so you can totally open and close the neck on demand. This is the most versitile chest protector on the market. Adjustable enough to fit a huge range of body shapes. Plastic is strong and beefy so you can ride with the confidence that you have quality on your back. Not to mention it can attach to our Hydropack water system for long hot rides.

Quich Release Entry/Exit System

  • Quick release neck strap so you can easily use with or without a neck brace. And allows for quick and easy adjustment

Removable Shoulders

  • Removable plastic shoulders allow for more options wether using it under a jersey or improving neck brace mobility

Impact Resistant Vented Panels

  • High-impact plastic construction with vented front and back panels for maximum airflow and protection

Removable Lycra Foam

  • Quick-snap removable lycra foam allows for easy cleaning and even a color change of interior foam panels

Removable Arm Guards

  • Shields the bushes from smacking your arm on a trail ride and offers additional protection no matter where you ride

Adjustable Anatomic Fit

  • Anatomically correct design offers comfort, movement and protection. Fully adjustable with aluminum hardware
  • 2010 Model

Price: $89.96 – $107.96 and Includes Free Ground Freight
36-16080A – Convertible II – Black – $89.96
36-16081A – Convertible II – Red – $89.96
36-16082A – Convertible II – Blue – $89.96
36-16083A – Convertible II – Clear/Silver – $104.36
36-16084A – Convertible II – Clear/Red – $104.36
36-16085A – Convertible II – Clear/Blue – $104.36
36-16086A – Convertible II – Matte Black – $107.96