Fly Racing Kinetic Mesh Men’s Pants – Review Video

Fly Racing Kinetic Mesh Men’s Pants – Review Video

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Kinetic Mesh gear has all the goods of the standard Kinetic gear, but with materials designed for hot weather. On a hot day you only want the bare minimum to keep you cool. Fly Kinetic Mesh-Tech gear is designed to give you a light feeling with exceptionally durable mesh fabrics that breath and stretch like you’re wearing PJs.

Kinetic Mesh-tech pants deliver amazing strength with premium mesh fabric. The mesh used is made to be tough and provide maximum breathability for hot weather.

With Fly Racing’s choice of light colors and durable Lanolin treated leather knees, everything has been thought out to keep you as comfy as possible during a hot moto. A must-have item for summer riding.

  • Integrated TPR – Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) protective badging is integrated into the pant for unbeatable looks and function
  • Sure Lock Fly Closure – Dual snap waist closure for a secure fit
  • Adjustable Belt – Single Velcro adjustable belt for maximum fit and comfort
  • Leather Heat Shield – High-quality Lanolin treated embossed leather panels at the inside knees is sown with Kevlar reinforced stitching to protect from hot exhaust systems
  • Relaxed Leg Cuffs – Relaxed leg cuffs for maximum comfort
  • Stretch Rib – Stretch Rib is strategically used where pant flexibility is most important
  • 1000D – 1000D is used on the butt of the pant, where material failure is not an option
  • 900D POLY – 900D Poly is dye sublimated—a printing process that gives the best-quality, most durable print available
  • Flex Knee – Ultra stretch knee/thigh construction for knee brace comfort
  • Leg Cuff Design – Low profile stretch cuffs with removable elastic band
  • Mesh Panels – Mesh calf allows pants to breath inside the boot
  • 2009 Model

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