Product Review: Knowing Pros and Cons of the HJC RPHA X Helmet

Here’s a product review done by Transworld MX on the HJC RPHA X Helmet:


Sizes: Small-Extra,Extra Large
Colors: Fifteen colors, seven designs

HJC may be one of the most widely used helmets in the world, but for years have not had a “high-end” offering in the highly competitive market. Until now, that is. Debuted on Kyle Chisholm at the Anaheim season opener, the all-new helmet is built with a PIM (Premium Integrated Matrix) blend of carbon fiber, aramid, fiberglass, and organic non-woven fabrics for an extremely light and durable shell. Inside, the 15 vents, channeled ventilation, and “Cool4Ever” interior keep the head cool with a steady flow of fresh air. After being exclusive to Chisholm for the better part of the year, the helmet is now in production and we copped one for a test.


– At 2.86 pounds, a medium size helmet does not tip the scales.

– Three shell sizes, tailored for specific sizes keep proportions correct and weight down. Someone needing a size small lid will not run the same shell as someone using a large.

– Covers all parts of the head and leaves no vulnerable areas in the open, such as the back of the skull or the chin.

– Fits incredibly well. There are no pressure points or gaps between the padding and your dome, and the padding is very supple.

– With a number of vents for air to flow through, the wearer remains cool, even in extremely warm and humid conditions.

– Wide eye-port accommodates nearly every goggle brand and keeps them sealed against the face.

– Fifteen color combinations to choose from.


– Overall-look of the helmet garners mixed reviews. With a unique chin bar, slim visor, and a scalloped rear portion, it is unlike any other helmet.

– Roost guard on the mouthpiece is detachable, but comes off almost too easily.

– The matte black colorway we received shows fingerprints, dirt, and oil. Nothing against the helmet itself, but the matte finish.

– While the padding is extremely comfortable, it is very tight before it breaks in and forms to your face.


When it comes to safety, namely the head, we do not cut corners. That being said, we have no issues with running the HJC RPHA X helmet. Snell approved, a strong shell and interior, and the endorsement from one of the sport’s fastest racers make it a viable option for those looking for a new lid.

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