Product Ad Poster (April 2014) : Shoei X-Twelve Sports Bike Motorcycle Helmets

INTRODUCING the Shoei X-Twelve Sports Bike Motorcycle Helmets…available at!Shoei X-Twelve Sports Bike Motorcycle Helmets
Since its introduction in 2003, the X-Eleven has been the motorcycle-racing helmet that all others are judged by. For this year, Shoei engineers were faced with the grueling task of improving on what is already considered to be the best-performing racing helmet ever conceived. Born from racing, the all-new X-12 Helmet combines Shoei’s 50 years of helmet building experience with the very latest technology and most advanced materials to bring you the racing helmet of the future. Throughout its history, Shoei has relied on feedback from professional racers around the globe to continually improve its products, and everything learned along the way has now culminated in the finest motorcycle racing helmet ever developed-the all-new X-Twelve!

Check out our Shoei X-Twelve Helmets collection below:

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