Motorhelmets Product Ad (Dec. 2015) : Arai Nakasuga Corsair X Helmet

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Save 10% off the Arai Nakasuga Corsair X Helmet, now only $872.96 (retail at $969.95)!

Arai Nakasuga Corsair X Helmet

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Katsuyuki Nakasuga is both daring and masterfully skilled on two wheels and high speeds. By incorporating his signature style and ethos in to the Arai Corsair X Nakasuga helmet, the rockstar brand has successfully melded with the rockstar racer. Featuring a boldly vicious raptor screaming along the left-hand side and Nakasuga’s number 21 along the right, the Corsair X Nakasuga helmet is full of color, vibrancy, and visual mayhem.

– VAS (Variable Axis System) shield and side pods are exclusive to the Arai Corsair X Helmet
– Dual function lever releases both the side pod and the face shield for quick and simple face shield removal
– VAS shield latch system captures and holds the face shield closed and provides a de-mist position to slightly crack the shield open
– VAS MAX Vision face shield provides excellent visibility in all seasons thanks to the included Pinlock insert
– Neckroll is removable and has additional exhaust channels to remove interior heat
– Cheek pads have the Emergency Release Tab feature
– IC Duct5 forehead vent provides 11% more airflow than the Corsair V, features 3 positions and is overall large and easy to operate with gloves
– PB SNC2 Shell has superb tensile strength due to a variety of carefully-positioned materials and light weight resin
– Arai’s R75 shell shape creates a rounder, smoother helmet to enhance energy and impact dispersion
– Includes clear Pinlock insert
– Snell 2015 and DOT approved
– 2016 Model

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