Oakley Terje Haakonsen Splice Mountain King Men’s Asian Fit Signature Series Eyewear

Price: $150.00

Oakley Terje Haakonsen Splice Mountain King Men's Asian Fit Signature Series Eyewear

Designed to compliment Asian facial anatomy in both fit and comfort.

Armed with a snowboard and an attitude that just doesn’t seem to jell with limits, Terje Haakonsen has shattered the world’s idea of what was thought possible. He has also bagged some of the first descents in the mountain wilderness of Alaska, dropping down massively steep chutes. Terje is one of the living legends honored with our Signature Series Goggles Terje is a warrior of the woods, and the strap and chassis of the goggle carry Nordic inspired artwork to reflect that. Match it with your choice of performance lens. You can experience Oakley&rsqu;s premium polarization with the Grey Polarized option, a lens that cuts blinding glare while helping you maintain color recognition under sunny skies. The VR28 Black IRIDIUM lens is also great for blinding days in the highlands, and it helps you perceive subtle color variations when you’re working the backcountry. On days when the sun is weak, the Pink IRIDIUM lens maximizes vision with contrast that boosts depth perception.

Oakley SPLICE is a showcase of technology. Visit the SPLICE page to learn more.

  • Fog elimination of dual vented lenses with F3 anti-fog technology
  • UV protection of PLUTONITE lens that filters out 100% of UVA, UVBand UVC
  • Semi-flush lens geometry for improved downward visibility
  • Fast, easy lens changing with interchangeable lens design made without keyholes
  • Internal skeletal support for reduced nasal pressure and maximized airflow
  • Flexible O MATTER chassis with quick-change strap attachment
  • All-day comfort of moisture wicking triple-layer polar fleece foam
  • Balanced fit (with or without helmet) via O MATTER strap outriggers
  • Maximum peripheral vision with zero obstruction from the outriggers
  • Optimized to fit medium to large faces
  • 2011 Model

Available in VR50 Pink Iridium

Price: $150.00

57-070J – Oakley Terje Haakonsen Splice Mountain King Men’s Asian Fit Signature Series Eyewear – VR50 Pink Iridium – $150.00